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Department of Information Systems is part of the Institute of Computer Science, University of Silesia. The Institute is part of the Faculty of Computer Science and Materials Science. Its director is prof. University of Silesia. Assoc. Eng. Mariusz Boryczka.

Currently, the plant employs nineteen teaching and research staff, five support staff. Employees perform tasks related to teaching at the undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate computer science discipline, and conduct research in the field of computer science. 

Classes conducted by employees of the Department of Information Systems include issues related to the theoretical foundations of computer science, Algorithms, bases and programming languages, methods of information retrieval, ekspertowymi systems, databases and computer systems design, methods of artificial intelligence. Employees of the plant monographic lecture, seminars and workshops diploma and degree programs. 

Research workers ZSI focus on intelligent systems. These studies include both the development of the theoretical basis of operation of such systems, as well as research on the implementation of the program and in warukach actual implementations. Research conducted by the staff of the ZSI included and include theory and practice of the use of rough sets, optimization of reasoning in expert systems, knowledge engineering, verification of knowledge bases, machine learning problems, the use of heuristic and evolutionary to rozwi?zaywania NP-hard problems. Work is also underway related to problamami learning neural networks, sound recognition, uncertain knowledge processing, retrieval process optimization in the Web environment.

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