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Podium on BlackBerry Jam Sessions for students of our institute

Podium na BlackBerry Jam Sessions dla studentów naszego Instytutu

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A group of four students of the Faculty of Computer Science and Materials Science, University of Silesia won second place in a national competition programming prepared by Research In Motion, BlackBerry brand owner. matthew Modelski, alexander hulist, greg Kuczmik and przemysław Wawrzyński participated in Katowice installment of a series of conferences BlackBerry Jam Sessions.Hackathon held December 20, 2012 at the Novotel Hotel was to create and presentation applications for the new BlackBerry 10 platform, which is the prime minister announcedon 30 January 2013. The idea to develop the application, its execution and presentation with business participants had only 10 hours. At this time, students have created educational Points Buster game that his theme refers to the old (even "paper") Connect the Dots game.First stage of the competition jury appreciated the extraordinary idea, execution and refreshed layout. Also paid careful attention to the business model and encouraged the further development of the program (development beyond 10 hours). After prolonged moments of tension jury presented the verdict: out of the 16 teams participating in the competition, the winner of the BlackBerry Jam Sessions Katowice for Best Game was Buster Points!The application took part in the second, the national stage of the competition, where faced with applications made during all Hackathonów, they have been made available on-line store BlackBerry applications (on the principles arising from the business), but about winning users have to decide by voting for the best application in an online poll. January 21, 2013 year, the portal announced the results: Points Buster came in 2nd position, winning a total of 25% of all the votes! 

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