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Launch of the Blackberry Academy

Inauguracja Akademii Blackberry

Powrót Added 12.01.2015 at 16:28 by Arkadiusz Sacewicz

University of Silesia, together with Research In Motion ™ - manufacturer of the BlackBerry® solution, the company Proget - a member of the BlackBerry® Alliance and Polkomtel SA - Plus mobile network operator, with great joy wish to announce the launch of the BlackBerry® University Department of Computer Science and Materials Science, University of Silesia, implemented under the BlackBerry Academic Program ™. The aim of the Academy is to provide the latest BlackBerry® knowledge of the methods and tools for creating modern mobile applications and to enable students to develop practical skills for their implementation.The Academy will be implemented BlackBerry® lectures and laboratory classes with the ability to work with the latest equipment and solutions BlackBerry®, students will be able to gain a unique knowledge and practical skills that blend with the latest trends in the development of information technology and its applications in modern business.Anyone interested in starting your BlackBerry® Academy effect on the Computer Science Department and Materials Science, University of Silesia please visit, we invite you to participate simultaneously in the inaugural conference, which will take place on 22 May 2012 at 12.15 in Auditorium of the Department of Earth Sciences.We invite you to participate in the inauguration of the students of all faculties and courses, high school students and all those interested in modern mobile technologies.Please report its participation in the inauguration through the registration form.

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