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Qualifying for the V International Marathon extreme programming Deadline24

Eliminacje do V międzynarodowego ekstremalnego maratonu programistycznego Deadline24

Powrót Added 30.12.2014 at 02:11 by Arkadiusz Sacewicz

Already on March 21 completed registration to the fifth edition of the marathon programming Deadline24, the final of which takes place in the Mine Guido at -320 meters. Deadline24 is extreme competition for developers, which takes the final 24 hours of non-stop in the industrial setting of the underground mine workings. Among the registered participants are Poles, but also specialists from Turkey, Canada, Great Britain, Czech Republic and Ukraine.This year Deadline24 is of strong interest. 

Until now signed up more than 80 three-member teams from Polish technical universities, universities, and with these foreign .: Ivan Franko National University of L'viv, Brno University of Technology, University of Waterloo, University of Glasgow. Registration made by the representatives of well-known companies such as Google, Flytronic, Apollogic whether first stage of qualifying Deadline24 are remote. They will be held March 24 already through the website. Each team will be given a set of submitted jobs, and its aim is to generate a response and send it at the time on the server checker. Almost thirty best teams will participate in the final, which, like last year, will be held at the mine Guido Zabrze, 320 meters below the surface. In the space of 24 hours, participants will struggle not only with algorithms and rivals, but also his own fatigue. During the competition, they have to also deal with żukoskoczkami, unusual creatures, about the fate of which is based on the story.Winners earn prizes in the form of: Apple iPad mini, Google Nexus, Amazon Kindle. 

 The competition was held under the patronage of content by the Silesian University of Technology (Faculty of Automatic Control, Electronics and Computer Science), Opole University of Technology (Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Automation and Computer Science) and the University of Silesia (Faculty of Computer Science and Materials Science). Deadline24 Sponsors include: Helion, Goodrem, GeoAdvert, Adaptive Vision Studio and FPAcademy. Media sponsor of the contest were: Antyradio, and CHIP.Details and regulations available on the website: www.deadline24.plDeadline24 is Poland's first marathon programming, the main addressee are students from all over Polish. The competition is extreme. Participants are expected to triple team, which closed for 24 hours, struggling with tasks arranged by the organizer. Thanks to their efforts, the fight against algorithms and Żukoskoczkami can win attractive prizes, beating not only his rivals but also their weaknesses. 

The fourth edition of the 24-hour, nationwide programming marathon was held on 10-11 April 2012. It was attended by the top 30 teams, selected on the basis of the results of elimination, which were attended by nearly 500 participants. The final competition was held 320 meters underground in a mine Guido Zabrze.

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